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How much space do you need?

Your space requirements depend on a number of factors. What are the dimensions of your largest items? How often will you need access? Do you want to leave room for an aisle? How tightly will you pack? How high will you stack?

This chart shows sample quantities that can be stored in various sizes of storage rooms. Adjust up or down depending on your answers to the questions above. Moving vehicle size and typical box requirements are also shown. Our storage advisors have helped hundreds of customers and, after asking you just a few questions, can readily advise you on how much space you need.

For a precise measure, you can use the handy Inventory of Stored Items at the back of this guide to calculate the cubic footage of your storables. When your storage needs change, you can easily add a room or downsize to a smaller room

Useful packing material available at our location

– Small Boxes
– Medium Boxes
– Large Boxes
– Dishpak
– Wardrobe Box with Bar
– File Box
– Extra Large Box
– Electronics Box
– TV Box
– Mirror Box (telescopes to accommodate various lengths)
– Bubble wrap
– Packing Paper
– Sealing Tape
– Rope
– Mattress Covers
– Chair and Sofa covers

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